Long loading time

I am having what feels like endless “loading” times, both on my Mac and on my iPhone. Is there anything I or OGS can do about that?



Hmm, is this a new thing or has it been like this? Are other apple users experiencing similar things? Does it happen on Chrome as well as Safari?

It’s been going on for at least a week or two. I am using Firefox on the Macs, and Safari on the iPhone.

i use chrome on my mac and i get the “aw snap”. It hasn’t happened very ofter since the changeover but it started happening again last week. it happens on my ipad mini all the time but i thinks that because my ipad is old/weak (safari on ipad).

Interesting… I can’t seem to reproduce it over here :frowning: Out of curiousity, can you try the secure version of the site and see if that clears things up? sometimes ISPs do funny things… https://online-go.com

Yeah that’s chrome for ya :slight_smile: Happens to me probably a couple times a week (not just on ogs, but pretty much anywhere…)

Secure site makes loading even slower for me