Looking for a correspondence teachin game also :)

I wanna play a teaching game. OGS says im 15kyu but i dont believe =) i think im between 20-23 kyus.

i’d be happy if anyone would like to play


You think you are 20-23 according to what system?

Hey, I’ll send you an invite for a game and help you out a bit. :smile:

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Lol i dont know :slight_smile: i didint mean sth like this; i mean, i generally loose against ppl higher than 20kyus. And until the big change of ranks in ogs past weeks, i was allways seemed 30kyu at here, ogs. I dont know my rank well, because i dont play much and dont play somewhere else ogs. I said that because i dont wanna to mislead anyone

Sorry about the delay, christmas was quite busy.
Here is the review of the game.

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