Looking for a correspondence teaching game! I'm OGS 21k so anyone stronger is welcomed!

I’m looking for a correspondence teaching game to help me bare down on playing a solid game - as I move away from 9x9 games, I’m finding myself struggling to properly direct my play and keep my influence on the board.

For instance, I may focus on building in a corner, play another move to try (key word) and solidify my position but have become trapped from playing much of anywhere else.

So I’m essentially looking to understand how and when I can shift my focus to other areas of the board.

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My sympathies for the lack of responses.

Maybe you could try for a review instead?
Play a game against any opponent of equal or greater strength. If you did your best and lost anyway, post the game here under ‘Review Requests’. If you won or if you made blunders unworthy of review, play another game until you get a good one :)

I hope this helps.

I will be glad to play a teaching game with you. Please send me a challenge

I’m in no position to teach, but I’d be happy to give you a game :slight_smile:

@Animiral Animiral - Thanks - I actually had a few people message me directly and have a couple of games setup - I’m taking anything I can get!

@noahthefuzzy I will send a challenge over - thanks for offering!

@SgtSunshine - are correspondence games okay with you or do you prefer live?

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