Looking for a go teacher

Hello, i’m a new go player, my level is about 24 kyu on kgs, and im looking for a go teacher :slight_smile: ,I am french, and i play like 1 hour and half per day or more, it depends if im busy or not. I would prefer to play on kgs instead of ogs but if you only play on ogs, it’s fine :smile: . I’m looking for a teacher to help me to improve my baduk skills, i would like a teacher who could follow my progression and serious. Sorry for my bad english :sweat:

Check out this site:

The teacher lives in Grenoble, the games are played online.

I know but 100$ per month is too much for me im only 16 i can’t afford this

What sort of rates are you able to pay? That might help people recommend more appropriate teachers. Honestly, at 24k, I don’t think I’d recommend searching for a teacher anyway. Get a couple hundred games under your belt before you do anything else. Get the basic skills, then self-study with Youtube videos (Nick Sibicky has hours upon hours of videos directed towards a double-digit kyu audience) or books or tsumego, and then decide if a teacher is something you’d like to invest in.

Plenty of people here are more than happy to review games and whatnot - especially if you follow standard etiquette. However, if you want a serious, dedicated teacher to follow your progression, that’s a lot to expect of someone without compensation.


Honestly $100 a month is a pretty good deal considering your requirements. To get better value, you would probably have to do it yourself just as pbgarden suggested. Or maybe join a local club (there are plenty in France) where stronger players will help you.

I’m not so sure about recommending Yangusang Dojang to someone as new as 24 kyu. Most of the content there are directed at 15 kyus and stronger. It’s hard for a beginner to appreciate the content that’s being discussed, albeit they’re really good lessons for a go player to learn.

I am a professional Go teacher. I have “High level Go teachers” Diploma, my pupil M. Zakharchenko got a diploma of professional Go player in Korea. Contact me please plushch@ meta.ua