Looking for a quick review

I was hoping someone would give me a simple review of this game. Doesn’t have to go too in depth, but you can if you want. I’d be really appreciative.

Seemed as though it was going okay until a couple of big blunders at the end. (Although I have a feeling the blunders probably happened much earlier than I realized)

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i pointed out some mistakes in this review.

generally, your assessment is correct, you were doing just fine for a long time there. you missed a couple of opportunities to seperate black and make reducing the centre that much easier for you. still, you were fine regardless.

mainly fighting and life and death mistakes ultimately cost you the game, as im sure you know :slight_smile:. its hard to critique a fight, apart from just pointing out mistakes, especially since you were really close to succeeding ^^.

try to remember to look for weaknesses in your opponents shape, always check if a cut works and if you are well connected. when attacking a group from 2 sides, play on the side where you are weaker. and lastly, do some exercises to become more aware of eyes vs flase eyes.

now… off you go :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: missing a snapback happens to much better players. heres an example from one of my recent games. enjoy! :dizzy_face:


Thank you so much! That was incredibly helpful. You definitely pointed out a lot of things I didn’t notice when looking back over the game myself!