Looking for a slow teaching game against 8-15 kyu

I wan’t to learn useful stuff for playing 19x19.

Time Zone: Buenos Aires


By “slow”, do you mean correspondence? If so, I’d be willing. I am 10k.

Hello! Yes, by slow I mean by correspondence (my english is mediocre). Great! Should I create a game?

What game parameters work for you? I’d be happy with Japanese rules, Fischer timing with +1 day/move, and perhaps a 4-5 day max.

Do you want to play handicap or no handicap? Ranked or unranked? How do you want to teaching game to be conducted? Do you want ongoing commentary and discussion (in which case I think we should play unranked), or do you just want to play a normal game and have a review afterwards?

Do you mind if we actually wait about 10 days or so to start? I might have to use some vacation time in the upcoming week due to not being able to play regularly.

Hey thanks for your interest!

Well, I started playing Go about 2 months ago. Only in this page. I used to play mostly 9x9. Just some facts so you can image what kind of player I am.

I would like to play without handicap, unranked, and with ongoing commentary and discussion.

I don’t mind waiting a few days. The rules and timing you are saying is ok for me.

Ok, I went ahead and sent the challenge now. Since you got back to me so quickly and was also online, I can at least start the first few moves of the game before I go on vacation in a day or so.