Looking for a teacher

This is my second attempt at learning to play go.

I have completed the Interactive Tutorial for Beginners on Sensei’s wiki, have stared to read Chikun’s Complete Introduction and am working my way through the Graded Go Problems Vol 1.

I am 23-25kyu and would first like to get under 20k and then under 15k.

My time zone is Mountain Time (Eastern - 2 or UTC -7).

Thank you for replies.

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HI there.

The best advice i can give you is to play games. From palying games, your going to get real feel for the game, and you will learn from seeing how others play.

But there are also pleanty of resourses that you can use.

For example, i wrote up a tutorial for new players, which i will include a link for. But there is youtube as well, Nick Sibiky is a pretty good resurce to use. But there is also Dywrin and his back to basics series.

You could also try to do some go problems on Goproblems.com or Blacktoplay.com, or you could download an app for go problems, one of the ones i have is called tsumegopro.

But seriously, playing and getting a feel for the game and its basic strategic principles is going to be your best path, even better than reading.

Because after you have played, you have experience, that you can use to help understand what it is you are reading. When you read first, you incerease what you know, but you have little personal reference to be able to use what you have read.

The tutorial I wrote is below.


I’d be happy to give you a game, lesson, review, or combination of such sometime. Just PM me if you see me online.


Thank you for your reply. I will be sure to go through your tutorial.

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Thank you. I will look for you.

I’m always happy to teach beginners. Shoot me a message as you like. : )