Looking for a teaching game against 3 kyu or stronger, Offering a teaching game to me (20 kyu)

I want to be able to be done with the game within 1-1.5 hours. I have work later today.
I want to focus on learning Joseki. I have no experience with Joseki at all and I am learning from scratch. have be at work in 2 hrs. Please respond soon!

  • Muirhied

As a 20k your priority really shouldn’t be learning joseki. Learn a couple simple responses to common approaches but don’t stress too much over it, at your level there are much more important things to work on such as order of priority in the opening, recognising weak groups (and knowing how to defend your own and attack your opponents for profit), and quite honestly a long list more before you need to worry about joseki.

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Well if you’re still up for a game, we can play