Looking for Correspondence Teaching Game for 23 kyu or stronger

I am looking to incrementally advance with someone of similar skill or am also fine with getting crushed by higher level opponents as long as they can help point out my flaws. I am currently 20 kyu mostly from 9x9 games and probably a 22 or so for 19x19. I have been watching about 1 hour of Go material on Youtube a week for the last month or so.

  • Correspondence (1 day per move or so? This is flexible.)
  • 19x19 board

Game with @Adam3141 is complete

Currently 19k, mostly from 19x19 correspondence games. Happy to play with you, either ranked or unranked. I’ll leave it up to you :slight_smile:

hey I am about 10k and always happy to play and review (written only).
just send a challenge if you want :slight_smile: