Looking for information about the American Tournament/Professional Go Circuit

Hello All,
Recently, I have become more and more interested in Go. I am quite weak as a player but hope and expect to improve in the years to come. That being said, I am curious about the American Amateur and Professional Go Circuit. Do the Amateur Tournaments lead to a boosted rank and give you a chance to go Pro? If so, what is the age cut off for going pro? I hear it is quite low in places like Japan, but I am only interested in doing so in America really.


Hi! I recommend the AGA website (www.usgo.org) for all information related to tournaments and other events. We do have a rating system that allows you to rank up by playing in amateur (and pro, if you can qualify :smile:) tournaments!

Hey Xhu! (I am a big fan of your 9x9 video series by the way) What does it take to qualify for the amateur and pro tournaments? Also, what is the difference?

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The AGA has pro qualifiers (a highly, highly selective tournament) which have helped determine the current American 1p pros. You’d have to be really good to qualify for that though :stuck_out_tongue: The amateur tournaments are all open, however, you just need to sign up (preferably with an AGA membership) and go there! Here’s a list of recent events that have been posted: http://www.usgo.org/event-calendar

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