Looking for quick review on resigned game

Looking to get this game reviewed to see where i went wrong, and what to improve on for the future

Why did you resign?

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You couldnt possibly think I would have been able to win that game?

You’re alive in 3 corners and have huge centre influence. Beating a 14k was always going to be tough, nobody is saying you had an easy win on board but I wouldn’t say this position is resignable. Besides, playing out the middle game gives a reviewer a better idea of your play overall and can better judge where you most need improvement. Resigning basically just after the opening stage ends doesn’t give a lot of information. I think I’d prefer white from this position but black has a lot to work with.


Ok, I appreciate the help. You can close this topic. Thanks

I’m not saying there is no value to reviewing what you played so far. I just thought Jade’s question was a valid one. One’s reason for resigning is also useful information.

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Don’t even worry about it. Ill figure it out Thanks anyways guys

This is a very supportive community and if I’ve come across as harsh in any way I sincerely appologise. I looked over your game but I’m only 19k so didn’t think I could do you justice with my limited experience. It really is great that you’re seeking feedback.

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Its cool man. I appreciate the help. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. Dont worry about, there are some personal things going on, which might be part of the reason for the resignation, not sure, but its cool. Dont worry about it guys. Thanks again

I’m about your level, so if you ever want a game or a chat feel free to message me :slight_smile:

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I really do appreciate that man. Thank you


Since you were playing a 14k, I don’t think you could possibly have expected to win even before playing the first stone :slight_smile:

So my question was a genuine one: there appears to be lots left in that game. If your opponent were equally matched, there’s a reasonable chance of taking advantage of a blunder, still - or so it seems to me.

From a review point of view, to my equally (as yours) beginner eyes, it seems the biggest lost opportunity was around move 50. Somewhere in there was the opportunity to play at Q10 before your opponent did. It looks like that might have been bigger for you than reducing the top right corner with R18.

The tradeoff would have been allowing him to make some solid territory on the top while you take the right side. Your choice appeared to be to try to deny him the top - for which he exchanged denying you the right side.

One thing I have been trying to get a handle on is advice that in Go your opponent will definitely get nearly as much territory as you, so the knack is making sure you get a little more. In this case, in your position, I’d have liked to have that solid right side - I think it would be bigger than the top he gets, because his top is already reduced by your stones in both top corners.

Hope things come together for you and you can get back on the horse :slight_smile:



Makes sense, I can see what you’re saying. thanks for the feedback

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I hope so too

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