Looking for regular teaching games!

I’m a semi-new go player who’s been playing from October 2019 (I played a few games back in may or so) and I’ve recently been granted a lot of free time that I’m choosing to spend in learning japanese and getting better at go. I usually play go in a go club every sunday against 15k players (that’s how strong I’m supposed to be), but I happen to enjoy the game too much to just wait an entire week to play 2-3 games and expect to improve SO I’m requesting some kind of mentorship, someone that would track my progress as well as teach me and help me get better. I’d love playing teaching games everyday or every few days as well as providing my own games for you to review whenever it’s possible.

Thank you so much for reading this post!


I’m gonna be honest: asking for a regular teacher is gonna cost money. If you’re ok with that, there are a few good teachers I’ll recommend.


Personally, I’m of the opinion you don’t need a teacher, realistically until you hit dan-level (some people would say maybe at a strong sdk level, but at the moment that’s an irrelevant distinction). There are plenty of resources that are free for ddks and sdks that are more than enough to help you improve. Frankly, even just playing daily is enough to get you out of the ddk range.


I can help you with one teaching game if you will !

More per week is a bit excessive, but we sure can play more in the future once you digest all the information and you got better.

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I’m absolutely ok with it; I know I’m asking for a lot here, but I don’t know if I can afford it, which would be a problem, so if you can recommend someone and let me check them out and see what I can do I’d be really grateful.

Reading this kinda thing makes me wanna wait a bit before getting a teacher to see if I’m able to get out of ddks by myself with resources found on the internet and people willing to give some advice every now and then. Like, if I’m able to analyze, learn and improve on my own, then I’m sure I’d be able to invest in a teacher since I’d know wether I have the skills to actually use their help in a more efficient way

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I’m really glad you wanna help! Should I send a friend request?

Yes, you can send a request !

Ill play you in a correspondence teaching game if you want. maybe 2 :).

i cant promise anything more im afraid… im always open for go-talk, questions and if i have time ill review the occasional game for you :).

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If you want a regular teacher doing what you’re asking for, I cannot imagine it being less than ~200€ per month.

If you want to play regularly and progress, may I suggest putting your game on this forum or gokibitz for review. This is much less time-consuming for the stronger player. Of course you will not have a regular mentor, but I don’t think it is much of a problem before low single-digit kyu.

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Hi, I am 5 dan amateur in real life. I’d love to teach lower level players. Contact me if you are interested. I can at least help play games and review games.

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