Looking for someone to learn from

Hi everyone,

I am really looking forward to progress this year and I would be grateful if someone could help me with that.
Now I am around 15 kyu and I am actually reading Making Good Shape but I also need to improve my fighting (reading) skills and most importantly it would be cool to understand joseki more deeply (like how to punish deviations, when is it good to change depending on the local situation etc.). And I would also be very glad if someone pointed out other stuff I should work on. So if you have some time and patience for weaker players I can in exchange do my best to make you a proud teacher :).


If you’re looking for someone to take you under their wing for a time as a student - sorry, I’m not the one :wink:
However, I occassionally do reviews for the games which you can post as ‘Review Request’ here in the forums. I’m not alone, so feel free to get your lessons from the community in this way :smile:

You will have no problems getting a review if your game fits the following:

  • serious games, not late night blitz
  • games that you have lost
  • no blunders that you think are trivial, like missing atari

Many strong players will discourage you from learning joseki. Just look them up after you encounter a variation you didn’t know before.
For reading, do lots of tsumego and tesuji problems. This can be tedious and boring, but it’s the most straightforward way.

While solving problems and reviews will carry you far, you can also improve lots by playing in real life tournaments.

Good luck in your training :slight_smile:

I would be gald to teach you what I know by: playing teaching games(The first couple being 9x9), reviewing games or just doing little mini lessons PM me so we can start!