Looking for strong players(tl)

Tired of loosing to the computers here and watching my rank plummet. Want to play strong players to learn how to win along edges. Is there any who will
grant my request? Want strong players not to hold back!

Why did you play barelly 600 games against non-humans opponents? I can help you if you want (I’m 11k). If you’re in, send me challenge, if you want a live game send me an OGS message so we can arrenge when to play it

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Basically, if I can beat the 'puter I can beat a human, also the machine will play the most standard moves played by people. Finally I’ve had the experience, (not on this site) most would not play a lower rank.I gladly accept your challenge

Most of the games i stopped and resigned because

a) I could see where I couldn’t turn the game around to where I could win,
b) I made very stupid moves and was paying the price
c) after losing 5 or six times, frustration just took over.

This logic is flawed.


Explain, since most players play standard moves, logical dictated, if those moves are countered correctly, and with non-standard moves, the opponent, will hesitate, thus points should be gained.

I do not think that any move can be “correctly countered”. In most of the position, there are more than one choice for you to choose. Some of them are better than others, but not necessarily “correct”. The result of the game depends on every move. For example, if Black plays on the 4-4 point but white played 1-1, it doesn’t make white lose, and you cannot say that the move was actually “incorrect” or “non-standard”, because there is no standard.

What are “standard moves”? It is true that the bots are good for training joseki, but apart from that, they certainly use a different decision protocol from human players. So, the one thing you can be sure of is that they play differently.

Anyways, bots or humans, you need to play stones on the third line from the border in the opening.

Yeah. That was a bad example.

But anyways. Of course they play differently than humans, because they are not humans! That’s the point of HowToPlay.

like in chess there are standard openings and responses to such moves , otherwise they wouldn’t have books, and yes I should play c3 aka (3,3)

Don’t the pros and in most books have responses that are agreed best which wouldn’t it make the move(s) standard??

Go can be a more intellectually challenging game there are between factorial(361) and 361^(3^361) possible games of Go without repeating positions.)

The number of possible go games is extremely large. It is often compared to the number of atoms in the universe.

In our game you played f19, as move number 10 when there were a lot of big moyo points available, that doesn’t seem standard at all, and you said you played it cause the bots used to do those moves.

The standard responses are, often, the best responses you can choose. So if a bot plays the best move that can be played, it would be like playing against a professional player. A bot simulating to be a 15k has to make mistakes just as a 15k human would make.

Not all of them, but, depending on the global situation, there are allways 2 or 3 moves that are the best you can play.

I haven’t played against a bot, but from some finished games against computers that I’ve watched, they seem to play very unusual moves at all points of the game

Keep in mind that unlike chess bots, go bots are still weaker than top human players. In particular, the bots on OGS are not very strong ones, so they play a lot of bad moves. You should not consider their play as “standard”, or even “good”.

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are the bots on KGS stronger or the same?? I’ve played them to win or at least lose within a few points. and legas, I tried g19 to anticipate black either going g or h18 which the bots would attempt to do as black

KGS does have some strong bots. The best free ones are about 5d. But, even they make bizarre moves, random tenukis, poor ko threats, misjudge the life/death status of a group, and the most obvious of all filling in their own territory towards the end of a game. These are the kinds of mistakes that most players of an equal rank wouldn’t make at all. Now, bots are great counters, and know how to win a game once they have the lead, which is why they often make a game close, and win by less than komi. If you play bots, then over time you’ll become better at beating bots. However, if you want to beat human players of equal rank, then the best way to do that is to play humans.

I’d be up for playing a correspondence teaching game with you, if you’re interested.


I would gladly take up on the offer.

Thbanks to all of you who offered games, and replies. I’m gaining much insight