Looking to pay a mentor for zoom instruction

I want to get better and willing to pay.

Please contact me directly

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An indication of your approximate playing strength might be useful.

Try this fella: Offering Lessons at Discount for Go Congress!

Is this for you inquiry or others in general?

I am looking for 9x9 training and I’m about a 5k player.

If this is for you, we can play a fast 9x9 game …

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I’ve done zoom lessons before so I was sort of asking for myself, though I’m just a 4 kyu, so definitely not teacher material for other SDKs. :slight_smile: But it was also a question for anyone else who might consider teaching. Nobody can say, hey, I’m willing to teach you if they don’t know if you are a 3 dan or a 22 kyu. (Well, a few 7 dans might not worry about that too much admittedly. :smiley: )

Anyhow, I’m too weak and not much into 9x9 (unless when teaching beginners).