Losing "a winning game" by disconection

Hi, my friends, I’m ramez1863 and yesterday, for twice in a row, I lost a winning game (Zalillama vs. ramez1863 and Slow Game), but not because of a blunder of mine, but by internet fail… I know that issue it’s not foul of my adversaries (They shouted only “Hurrah!”), however is it possible to do something for me?, it’s so frustrating losting that way, when one is fighting so hard to win one more stone for having better games…

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In correspondence games there is less chance of timing out by disconnection :grin:

I was going to suggest different time settings, but it seems like you’ve played both Byo-yomi and Fischer above and had an issue.

I imagine it could be hard to introduce a fix to one player having an internet failure. Adding something like pausing the game when a player disconnects (like KGS has) can lead to abuse, in that players can just escape/leave when they are losing without penalty.

It already happens sometimes, that one player is left waiting for the disconnect timer, or the clock time to run out when an opponent disconnects rather than resigning.

Maybe someone will have an interesting suggestion though :slight_smile:

Basically a game is like a contract you accepted. If both players agree together you may ask an admin to cancel the game (that’s the most they can do) but I think your priority is to reconsider what you can accept before signing.
So change your internet to get better connection or put more time to play. A bit simple answers I confess but I don’t really see other ways.


Contracts can be reviewed in court. OGS games can be reviewed by moderators. If technical issues are causing OP to lower their rank inadvertantly, there is a chance that those games would be annulled by moderators to keep the ranks of both players correct and suitable for future matchmaking. There was at least one occasion when I was ahead, timed out because of my connection/server lag and the game got annulled despite no foul play on my opponents part.

I don’t fully agree with the policy but on OGS, games are deemed less like contracts and more like a means to create strength-wise even matchmaking. So, OP’s plea is not completely out of place and maybe even in the spirit of the server.

FWIW, I believe that a polite enquiry to moderators about whether they would consider annullment of either game would be OK.

If I were moderating, and I had time, I’d check with the opponent whether they want to keep the win or agree that really they lost and it gets annulled.

But you wouldn’t want to continue making requests like that.

If you have dodgy internet, correspondence settings aren’t as bad as they sound - you can still even play at “live speeds” in correspondence games. You can join Fast Correspondence group to find like minded people.


To continue with the analogy, it’s all about what/who is responsible for the lag/disconnection.
The server. The internet (provider, firewall…). The 2players.
Even if you get victim from a bad internet, there is still place for arguing about the fact you may know it can be like that before accepting the game (thinking on some firewall for ex, being from a country or a school net…)

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