Losing Streak/Lowered Rank :/

What would be the best way to get over a losing streak without having the emotional distress affect the rest of your games?

The only way I found was to embrace emotional distress :stuck_out_tongue:


Cordially, Tom

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Just remember that losing streaks are perfectly normal. There is a natural progression in learning:

You learn about a new concept (in a book, on the internet, or from a stronger player)
You awkwardly and self-consciously apply the concept to your game (aka losing streak)
You internalize the concept and develop an intuition that allows you to apply it naturally.

So I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It may be a sign you’re doing something right. When you get to SDK, who cares how many games you lost when you were 28k?


I really want to know the answer as well. Honestly the only thing I do during a losing streak is curling in a corner of the room crying, but apparently it doesn’t help the least.

I get so angry with myself for making dumb misreads that I play like an idiot in the next game as well. That’s how losing streaks happen.


I am the tilt master!

Maually set your rank? :wink:

May I ask how many games you have played in total in your life? Because … I believe the word “streak” could be simply bad stastistics. Anything under 100 would give bad results, and even a few lost games in succession doesn’t really say anything … or would you think that the tendency should always be upward?

I think after perhaps a thousand games one could see twelve lost games as a streak … :wink:

Greetings, Tom


Sure, if you assume a 50% winning chance for every game. But if your ranking can move then if you lose a few in a row then you’ll be paired with a weaker player, and your chance of winning is better than 50%. Moving ranks tends to suppress long winning or losing streaks.

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Don’t think of your games as a merely competition where winning or losing is all that matters. Placing winning as the first priority only considers how well you played in relation to your opponent, who could have a level of skill wildly different than your own.

Losing against a much more skilled player or winning against a much weaker one does not have much meaning in itself. Instead, you should care more about how well you played relative to your personal expectations of ability. Focus on improvement rather than winning.

Don’t worry too much about rank either. The rankings on OGS in the DDK range seem a bit inaccurate anyways. If you are learning, then you are improving. Eventually your rank will rise to reflect your improvements, but don’t play for a number on a computer screen, play for beauty of the game and the joy earned from discovering its intricacies.