Lost by resignation but I didn't click on the button

Hello, this game was marked as lost by resignnation but I didn’t click on the button. Is this a bug? (It wasn’t a ranked game so small consequences)


Same problem today

I didn’t even make one move

The only time this happens (I think) is if you were to leave the game for about a minute or so and then you are auto resigned, if it is open in another tab then this won’t happen. If the problem persists then it is probably a bug and should be reported.

I had two tabs opens opened side by side because I had two ongoing games. So if it’s the reason, I’ll stop :wink:

I think there’s a restriction from multiple simultaneous live games, but I wouldn’t expect it to auto-resign you from them if you didn’t close the tabs. Any devs have ideas on this one?

Same problem. Changed tabs and I auto-resigned. Very annoying. Not going to start another game until this bug is fixed.

Same problem here!