Lost by time while Undo request

Hi all,

I have a question about UNDO button. It happends with me few time to misclick on my tablet, and then I asked an UNDO. So it my opponent’s turn. But then I got a message that I lost by time, twice already! How can it be? Looks like my time running after UNDO request instead of my opponent’s time, so opponent will win automatically just doing nothing. Can it be fixed somehow?

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Well, it seems that your opponents granted you your undos. (If I’ve found the correct games.) It stands to reason that after your move is undone, it’s your turn again and hence your time is ticking again — and can run out.

So, maybe the problem lies in notifications?

If you are misclicking often, consider adjusting your submit move setting to “Submit-move button” in “Settings”.

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thank you for the reply. Maybe the problem really about notifications - but both “lost by time” games were not in the list of games where is my turn. I was online for few hours, checking my games from time to time. So I had zero games to move - and next minute I’ve got an email “you lost by time”, which was extremely surprising. Besides, look like I was automatically kicked out ladder because of those timeout losts.

I have a “submit move button”, but sometimes, when I making a move from my tablet, after I placed a stone, it appears in totally different place (and it’s even before I clicked “submit”!). I don’t know what is a problem, maybe it’s because the tablet browser. In a normal computer I never have such a problem.

I’ve also had few undo request from other players, perhaps with the same problem - because moves were just ridiculous, it was clear that they didn’t played so.

Thank you again, hope I’ll not need to bother you again :slight_smile:

Actually, I noticed the problem today. The game on which the undo was accepted was out of the loop of games that one gets to by clicking the number in black circle on the top right. Luckily for me, I noticed the game in the home page.

So it was not only me who had this problem. Thanks, now I would check the home page in the case of undo request.