Lost user to user messages

Please excuse me if this is posted in the wrong space.

Basically, I have been using messaging on a near daily basis to take privately with one of my friends about Go and other shared interest topics. We message when playing or when watch each other play etc., as well as ‘in game’ chat.

Earlier this morning I noticed that the messages we had exchanged - other than today’s - had vanished! So many of the links we had shared have seemingly gone forever.

Is this just a glitch? Is there a way to receiver out private message exchanges? Is there a ‘message box size limit’, after which earlier messages disappear?

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me on this; it will be a shame to lose so much shared material.

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sorry OGS doesn’t save the logs of chats so that’s probably gone forever. Its a privacy-thing. In the future you should to save everything you want to save in persistent places.

But, please:

a) This was under the Messaging facility, not the in-game chat window,


b) At what point can I expect my private message materials to just ‘vanish’? With no warning?

Again, I don’t understand what’s happened.

Thank you for any more information anyone can share. I just feel like as if I’ve lost my wallet :disappointed_relieved:

thank you,

The private messages are lost. They don’t get send by email.

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I understand. And ironically, the ingame chat IS persistant for the game.
I’m sorry, but there is nothing to be done about this

Thank you. But why has this just happened to day? And not at any point over the past couple of weeks?

I think some regular purging of old chat happens (after 30 days?), hope somebody else can say more.

Old private messages have always disappeared regularly during the two years I have been here. The 50-line limit quoted from anoek above sounds like what I have experienced.

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Thank you to everyone who has kindly replied. I’ll make sure I copy my messages in the future. :+1: