Lower possible time increments for Live/Fischer timing

The Fischer timing restrictions on OGS are somewhat weird. My issue is similar to the one discussed here: New thinking time options.
European EGF Class C tournaments can be played with an initial time of minimum 20 minutes and an increment of 5 seconds per move.
This time setting is not possible on OGS. For increments of under 10 seconds, the maximum initial is 5 minutes. For initial times above 5 minutes, the minimum increment is 10 seconds.
I would love being able to use time settings similar to EGF tournaments which are played with Fischer timing, i.e. longer base times and smaller increments. These time settings also feel more natural and force the players to accelerate towards the end of the game.
I don’t see the current restrictions improving my fun playing on OGS.


Yes - this should surely be a simple change, since it’s just a “number”, and would be very helpful.

Your suggestion is focussed on the live end of the spectrum - I’d like to see lower possible increments in correspondence as well.

They could at least allow arbitrary time settings for non ranked games, in case there is some serious thought behind the restrictions.