Make a discussion Q&A with 4-d to 9p about Lateral thinking

I was reading on a baduk blog about lateral thinking and pros doing it, how do they it and how can i apply it.
Dictionary definition: is a method for solving problems by making unusual or unexpected connections between ideas.
:package: Lateral thinking techniques are trying;

  • alternatives
  • more focus
  • changing the limits
  • radom entries
  • work with provocation
  • selection of best
  • strengthening and shaping the idea
    . Pattern recognition is hard enough work but now i’m ready to play around with it can someone forward this to a Dan level player preferably(4d-9p)so they can share some insight into how they apply it.

A good way off going about that would be to discuss with a Q&A :question: why they didn’t follow up with the natural move in a area in there own game I’ve chosen (doing a live game :game_die: would help me get some question ready for you.) , or an area of interest. Also how they see the patterns in there head coming together to :small_airplane:pilot there decision . They could run through the list in sentence three of this paragraph to show were they used it and compare with a game of mine to show if i could use it, why should i use it and how might i apply the idea to other parts of the board in the same game or another example.

I’m sure this will be a very big viewing event so when it get started i dearly hope, everyone must come and probably will come in big numbers#.:exploding_head:

  • yes im in
  • not interested

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