Make "analysis disabled" the default (poll)

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I actually don’t care about people who use bots, except in the following situations:

  • They use bots inconsistently to mess with lower level players. If I’m 10k, I probably shouldn’t ever see a (good) bot if I’m playing other 10ks. If someone plays me with their crappy 10k bot, I’m cool with that.

  • Spamming. Bots can play 24/7. But I’ll be pretty bothered if every time I click automatch, I match against the same person.

  • They are using bots to get prestige. (Like a tournament of some sort) I don’t want to see a bot winning every human tournament

Gosh darn it I’ve been fooled by the necro!


The issue’s still alive for debate, though. There was no consensus from the origiinal discussion.


Haha, do you just constantly bring threads back from the dead?


Lots of earlier polls in this thread have more votes

Also, more people have shared their opinion on how to pronounce OGS than whether or not analysis should be enabled


You should change Your title to “the grave digger”.


It’s still my opinion that having analysis disabled should be more of a cultural norm on OGS than it currently is.

I’ve repeatedly heard people on Twitch criticising OGS’ in-game analysis as an unfair tool and a detriment to the game, which is also my view. As a “crutch” it can be compared to computer score estimation, CGS’ atari-highlighter, and even (in an extreme comparison) Tygem’s bot purchase feature.

I see several possible levels of analysis tolerance in non-correspondence games. I know the analysis feature is currently required to support conditional moves.

  1. Analysis permitted and default. This is the current situation, which I believe needs to change.

  2. Analysis permitted but non-default.

  3. Analysis only permitted in unranked games.

  4. Analysis never permitted.

I favour the third option.

I don’t mean to be a “vocal minority” but, as I say, I’ve often heard the analysis feature criticised.


I totally agree, I think that analysis should be off by default.

As to whether it should be allowed on in ranked games … not sure, but if it were disallowed in ranked games I would not complain.


I don’t know if there’s a separate thread for this, but I’d like to know the general feeling.

I agree with @bugcat: as a beginner, conditional moves help a lot in avoiding at least the biggest mistakes and work out why bad moves are actually bad.

However, I do feel like this might just stop me from learning to read and making progress.
Plus, feeling guilty for using something that enhances my performance

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It’s a new old topic


You can stay all your life just playing games with analysis enabled for both players, but then you will miss some activities in which it’s not allowed. Like real life games.

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Exactly, I see it more like a learning tool, but only if used properly. For instance only in unranked games as suggested?

Real life game would be awesome, hopefully one day, with the pandemic over

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Confidence play a key role so I would encourage you to read with your eyes and imagination as soon as possible. Get fun to play like that.

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I couldn’t agree more! No analysis and conditional moves allowed where you just play your sequence with no undos… Or of you need one then you’ll have to wait for opponent to play it out and then ask nicely.

I’m in favor of #2. I agree there is some value in making it a community norm by having the default be no analysis, and emphasize the importance of reading as not only a core skill in the game but to keep the experience closer to the traditional over the board game.

I’m not sure about #3 however. I was thinking this way for a while until I read (probably on these forums, unfortunately I can’t remember who) that if you play ranked with analysis but never use it, against someone who does use it, and you’re the same rank, that’s a fair game. Presumably their rank reflects their use of it, and your rank reflects your reading ability. I can’t help but think, if there is a player who finds reading challenging, and so uses analysis, but wants to get a rank to find good matches, why not let them?


Its not serious real tournament, its Online Go Server where people have fun. If analysis will be allowed only in unranked games, it will only lead to a lot of simple-stupid loses by ladder misread. Many people will stop play ranked games because settings are uncomfortable, rank will become often outdated and when they will (sometimes), they will automatically be like a sandbaggers. Some even will just leave OGS and go to other server.


from threads of the past, its a hot topic with both camps and never any compromise.

Before it gets hot I would just point out that it’s not of an extreme importance as using analysis tool in a live game settings is quite inconvenient (not to mention in blitz). Not sure that the one using the tool has the advantage, considering the stress and loss of time. Consider as an example mental calculation and pocket calculators.


As far as I know, OGS is the only server that allows analysis in non-correspondence ranked games, so I don’t know where people people would go if they are upset by this change.

Bugcat is not suggesting that analysis be disabled for ranked correspondence games, as far as I can tell. In a live game, reading ladders is part of the game. You might even say that reading the board without playing out the stones is most of the game. In correspondence games, it’s useless to disallow analysis because there would always be time for either player to recreate the board locally. That’s not the case for live games.

I also want to point out that the seriousness of online play is a personal and subjective thing. You may not take online games seriously, but for many players, it’s their primary way of experiencing Go. They take their ranked games seriously, both as fun competition and as the best way to measure their progress.


using analysis tool in a live game settings is quite inconvenient

Someone can very easily use analysis in a 10m + 5 x 30s game.

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