Make different categories start ranking on first game

Hi everyone,

I started playing here fairly recently, and my ranks are at:

16k Overall
17k Live
19k Blitz
25k Correspondence

I have been trying to start some correspondence games over the last day and it seems difficult to get them going, although I finally have managed. I think part of it is just that there are not as many of them and the turnover is slower, but I think another part is my rank. Anyone who plays me will see their correspondence rank drop. I have had a few games accepted and then quit and I think this is part of the reason.

When you think about it, it makes sense from their point of view. If that person cares about rank then it is not beneficial to play me at 25k when I am clearly stronger than that. This problem would be even worse if I waited longer to start playing correspondence.

I wonder if it would make sense to work out your starting rank for a particular category the first time you play in that category, rather than on sign-up. So, say you sign up at 25k and play 200 live games going up to 15k, then you play your first blitz game, your blitz rank would start at 15k.


Practically speaking, a mod will in all likelihood see this and manually adjust your correspondence rating, but as a general solution what you say seems like a good suggestion. Also, you could just play correspondence vs a few ranks above your correspondence rank until said rank increased.

I’ve found a uservoice post requesting a change to the ranking system. I think If we get enough people to vote, there’ll have to be some change. I’ve commented on it how I think the ranking system should be implemented, basically cross-weighing the different time controls because they are still correlated, and also giving stats on different board sizes (including the larger and smaller square board sizes that aren’t currently ranked).

IMO, it’ll be great for everyone to look at the uservoice, give an opinion. I hope the OP wouldn’t mind us hijacking his suggestion :slight_smile:

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We’re pretty close in rank, feel free to send me a challenge any time. If you play tournament or ladder games they are always ranked, and your opponents probably aren’t going to be the type to run away from a game.

I get the feeling that some players worry too much about their rank as you say. From my understanding the ranking system doesn’t penalize say a 24k player when they lose to a 19k very much, because they are expected to lose.

I also feel (at least at our level) that there’s quite a variation in ranks. I think many players have played mostly 9x9. I have come to prefer 19x19, and I often find the rankings may not be so reliable.

I also feel most of the players I face in correspondance are much tougher than timed players.

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Thanks for the responses all. I can see how direct challenges, ladders and tournaments are more likely to get games going but they also require more effort and I think the easier it is for someone to get started playing the more likely they are to stay around. Same thing with contacting a moderator.

I think changing the whole ranking system is much more complicated and those who have been here for a while probably have strong thoughts on it already. That is why I am just suggesting a small one-time change to peoples rank the first time they play. It seems much more accurate to me to rate someone the first time they play one game mode as their overall rank than as the lowest rank available.

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