Make is impossible to resume the game if there are no moves left

I just had a half-an-hour pass/resume/change score waste of time session with some opponent. There should be some kind of time limit where auto-score is applied, especially in trivial situations where the opponent doesn’t have any stones on the board and can’t make any valid moves either.

If that happens, you can just call a Mod.

That’s what they’re there for.

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Could be automated, I don’t think mods need to waste time on situations that obvious.

Yeah, I guess. I’m not sure about how the logistics would work, that would be a job for a developer to answer. (Which is probably the kind of person you wanted to ask in the first place.)

But for now, the Mods here are VERY helpful. So don’t be afraid to ask. :wink:

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I did report the user, just got a bit frustrated (that’s all). Thanks for the help!

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Yeeeah, I think that would very complicated to implement something like that. I always recommend the resign, report, and move on approach. Your lost points can be reinstated after, don’t waste time on something like that :slight_smile:

This is the bit that is easily automated:

When a game is stopped and resumed multiple times this advice should automatically appear in the chat. A link to Call Moderator can even appear in the chat message.

I suspect that most people in @sledgehammer’s situation just get frustrated but do nothing. Automated advice in such scenarios will improve their experience.


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