Make private challenges and friend requests more obvious

The tiny blue notification button isn’t exactly obvious, and honestly it’s a hassle considering it’s main objective is to be filled up with notifications of games started which you already know about.

So this is a 3-parter. First, don’t let a “This game has started” notification linger if I’ve already played a move in it. Starting play = I already know, x it automatically.

Secondly, notify with more than just a number. Show the text of the most recent alert, so people see the private challenges and friend request promptly, rather than the next time they decide to clean out that list of boxes. An optional non-intrusive sound alert would be great too.

Thirdly, make it possible to offer a rematch at the end right away. Once the game’s over, a final blue button of “offer rematch” to make it easy to start a new match with the same settings, rather than both people challenging, or both waiting for the rematch challeng.

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It depends on you. Personally, I never had any problems with notifications. It is quite visible in my opinion, but that may not be true for everyone.
It actually disappears when you play a move, unless you have some bug or something.
If it showed text and you have more then 1 notification then you would be able to see only first one. That would not change things much… I think it is not so big problem to make one click to see full notification. :slight_smile: Notifications will not clean out until you read them or delete yourself… I guess sound alert could be important when you are concentrated playing some game and you get an important notification but, again, so far I didn’t have such problems.