Making a move on a mobile device auto scrolls to active chat input box

This one has been winding me up - you make a move on your phone after a chat and the screen keeps scrolling down to the chat input. Only way out of this I have found is go go out and back in again.

No longer - this will fix it once deployed: Issue 121 - blur active input element on goban touch event by andymarden · Pull Request #122 · online-go/goban · GitHub



Ok - it’s live now! Let me know if there are any issues.

Yes, this drives me crazy, too! I have to remember to tap outside the chat box.

no longer…

This sounds great, thank you @Gurumanger!!


Please check this - I seem to see it works but not in the very first instance before the first move is played but after that is ok. I will do some more online testing but god to get your feedback here.