Malkovich teaching game for ~11k

Hi, I’m currently very close to my first milestone in go - being SDK. I thought that at this point I could really benefit from a teaching game, but I would like to propose something different this time.

As I analyse all of my finished games using Leela and Crazy Stone I think I do not really need an after game review (but will of course gladly accept one!). I think I could benefit the most from a Malkovich-type review (this can also be more fun as a normal review), I would be very glad to know how a better player thinks and why he chooses to play the way he does. I’d like to get a better intuition or strategy then tactics and reading (that I can do on my own).

As I’m aiming for 9k, I would like to play someone who can reliably win with 8-9k :slight_smile:

I play correspondence only (because life :frowning:) and can manage 1-2 more games right now. I try to play at least one move a day in every game, but I can prioritize teaching games and to do some more.

Don’t know about that, but I like Malkovich games. So if you want, message me.