Manners ...I know that this topic has already been discussed ad nauseaum but shouldn't the seniors at least tells us who NOT to play against?

I still find it upsetting when I am in the middle of a game and my opponent “Times out” rather than quit or resign.
I don’t get why they do this.
Luckily one of our benefactors placed the “Profile” link on the username, so we can learn their pattern. And there is a pattern.
I am collecting “friendly names” … and rude names … not to play again.

Am I the only one to feel upset by this?

This is pretty annoying for folks… in the future we’ll have blacklists that you can add players too which will prevent them from accepting your games.

Will the black-listed be able to apologise and rejoin the general group?

I have found that rude people are like bullies.
They get upset when they are taken to task.
A bully usually has reasons he bullies. If he realizes he cannot continue to bully he is faced with a choice … apologise and change … or engage in all out war.
I think rudeness is similar to bullying. sometimes when we are rude we do not know it.
We need the chance tobetter ourselves

It’ll just be a personal black list… if you notice someone being rude or belligerent then let me or one of the other moderators know… we have the ability to chat ban or site ban someone.

So how do we avoid being labelled rude unfairly ?

If it’s just a personal blacklist, it’s not a big problem to be unfairly blacklisted by one person.

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Unless you are being pretty terrible we won’t chatban or ban someone without talking to them first… the personal blacklist is something else entirely that will prevent them from accepting your games.

Nixon had an enemies list.

Life is too short to be like that.


thanks for the feedback