Marked as Bot but have no API-Key

Hi admins,

Like title said, my bot at has no option to retrieve API-key.
I have that option in beta version, but not here. So I cannot attach engine to it. Can someone help me?

Thank you so much,

Are you attempting to generate the key from the bot account or the administrator account? You need to be logged into the administrator account to generate an API key

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Yes I did log into administrator account, but have no option to do that like in the beta version.

This is bot account
Screenshot from 2020-02-21 11-57-34

This is owner account

Can you post a screenshot of the bot profile page when you’re signed in on the KhiemNguyenDuy account? The API key section should show on the Bot profile while signed in as the admin.

The screenshot of the bot profile above is the view when signed in with the bot account.


Man I was so stupid.

Thank you so much for clearing it to me.