Match with null byoyomi periods

Roughly 5 minutes ago, I saw a game offer with
byoyomi periods:

Cyngus[9k] 9x9 2m+nullx 10s Yes Auto Friendly Match Japanese

I thought I had seen an earlier thread on that issue, but when I searched
I couldn’t find one. Perhaps the earlier issue was 0 rather than null.


Yes; that was presumably the thread. (Should I delete this one?)

I’ve unlisted it now so it’s fine.

If you want you can leave another comment on that other thread.

I probably wouldn’t link a specific user in general, as reports about a specific user would be better done on the main site with the report button.

It’s just to avoid any community discussion of a particular player.

Linking a game directly is slightly more useful and less directly mentioning a single player.

Anyway thanks for spotting this, it was marked as fixed on GitHub about 15 days ago but evidently not! I’ll try reopen the issue :slight_smile: