Maximum collection count exceeded

I realise that I have entered more puzzles into the OGS Puzzles Collections than the average OGS player. It seems that I have reached my limit now.

Could this be removed in some way, because I have some more puzzle collections planned.
Thank you.


Making a second account for puzzlemaking could work? I reached that limit too but I had some almost empty collections which I gathered together under one collection to make space.


Sofiam already reached out to Anoek about it. He is usually not around much over weekend, but presumably he should be able to tweak your personal limit, much like he can tweak the group creation one… So if you are not in hurry for whatever reason, you should not need to create another account :slight_smile: (though as a workaround it would obviously work).


How did you do that?
As far as I know it is not possible to merge puzzle collections.
(And that would be a feature I love to have.)

No I am not in a hurry. Thanks for helping.

96 collections :grin:


I meant, I moved the puzzles in the collections individually (via “edit” and changing the collection they are saved in); it wasn’t too much work, because like I said, the collections had very few puzzles in them.


Wow, very smart solution!

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I’ll look into it Monday. I have a comment to my future self there that says that this limit is because I was lazy and didn’t want to deal with paging at the time, that’s probably fine to deal with these days, though I don’t recall why it was particularly painful back then, so I’ll look into it. I should be able to increase it in any case I’d imagine.

About how many do you think you’d need/want?


Well, @snakesss and me ever reached that limit. Maybe there are a few more, but I guess that not many players will reach this limit :smiley:

I still have got some problem collections that I want to enter into the system some day, so maybe 10-15 extra would be nice.

Tbh: what I really would like is the possibility to merge collections, but I guess that is much more complicated than raising that limit.

OK @Atorrante and @snakesss , that limit should no longer be present. Enjoy!