McMahon Points mistake in Tournament

The tournament in question is a trial fast correspondance tournament I’m running under the OGS Teaching Ladder. One of the participants, jalucifersixthgod (3k), was given the wrong number of McMahon points, -10. Is there any way to correct this adn put them in the 0 points group before the tournament ends?

I think the tournament director can fix the points but can’t change the group. The most experienced person in this stuff is gamesorry. You can find him in the OGS Title Tournaments group.

Like @tegais said, the best thing you could do is to click on the name and adjust the points accordingly (you need to refresh the page). By the way I think jalucifersixthgod was given the point of -10 because when he entered the tournament, his rank was 23k (please refer to his rank graph in the profile page), and then got adjusted by a mod. The problem is that when the tournament starts, the system doesn’t check the rank again.

Alright. Thanks for your help!