🏆 Meijin of Meijins

Start: Sunday, April 19, 2020 8:00

Clock: Japanese Byo-Yomi: the clock starts with a main time of 1 minute 30 seconds, followed by 20 periods of 1 minute 30 seconds.

TRIBUTE TO HONINBO SHUEI (本因坊秀栄, 1852 - 1907)

Note: Please read the following rules of the cup in detail before registering, and make sure you agree with them, as they will govern us. The absence of a round may mean elimination. Live tournament without handicap. Open organized by the “Cono Sur” group and the Uruguayan Go Federation (FUGo)]


Time control: 1' 30'' + 20 x 90' byo-yomi

Ing SST Rules [https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~wjh/go/rules/KSS.html]


a - To the CHAMPION: i) Book “Meijin of Meijins: The Life and Times of Honinbo Shuei” (Fairbairn) in physical format (shipping and handling charges to be paid, only FedEx) and a selection of his best commented games. ii) 9x9 board in wood (handcrafted, FuGo diffusion, faded plastic stones, with game manual and FUGo stickers. See http://igouruguay.xyz/novedades.php#)

b - BEST GAME (to be selected later by those who wish to vote for this prize; the mechanism will be announced once the cup is finished): A Hotta/Obata framed in wood and glass, in full colour, on Hikaru No Go, with the FUGo logo on the back. The shipping is at the expense of the winner (FedEx).

c - The winner may waive the prize(s). If he does not renounce, in order to be awarded the prize in question, he commits himself to make a “Master Class” commenting at least two games of his choice, and at least one game played by him, addressed to the members of the group making the cup (Cono Sur Group)

d - The time of delivery of the prizes will be conditioned to the availability of the organizers, who will communicate with the winners.


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