Mentoring program

How do you guys think a mentoring program should work?

I’m thinking one mentor takes 2 motivated pupils and plays with them regularly.
But then what can we add to make it different from teaching games?

Any idea how this could work?

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I don’t think the teaching aspect is important for the mentor program. I think the emotional support provided by a mentor is what’s important. Someone to tell new players that we all started out that way and that it’s okay to lose. :smile:

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Well in terms of mental strategy, I actually talk about things like that in my “Fridays” program: Fridays with xhu98 (Cornel Burzo special coming up!)

This is not only an advertisement :smiley: I agree with the idea that there should be talks about gameplay psychology, and this is what I have tried to include in every issue of mine.

I believe a teaching program tells more than how to play the technical moves, it also imparts wisdom on how to think, how to carry on and how to maintain strong mentality. Go is a game about character, after all :blush:

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