Metal Monkey Temple Tournaments

I founded Metal Monkey Temple to create tournaments on conditions that are interesting and convenient for me. I invite you to participate in these competitions. My tournaments are always open to all OGS players, so you do not need to join a group to participate in competitions.

Welcome to my tournaments!

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Direct link to first tournament for those interested:

Slowish correspondence: Fischer Clock starts with 1 day 12 hours and increments by 1 day 12 hours per move up to a maximum of 5 days. Pauses on weekends

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@Kosh, thanks a lot for you assistance.

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I am proud to announce a change in our Group Policy. Now the group is open to all players, and our tournaments are only for members of the group. The concept of the group has also changed. I want to exchange experience in tournaments and this is the main goal of our competitions.
More information can be found on the group page.

Thanks for the welcome, seems like a neat idea… Good luck! …I just joined :slight_smile:

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@Sighris, thank you for your attention, non-indifference and participation. I hope you like my tournaments.

Registration of participants in the MMT June 2018 tournament was extended until June 30, 2018.

MMT invites you to a regular monthly tournament.

In honor of my best friend and wonderful man.

Today I invite you to a tournament in which there will be no losers and each participant will receive his medal. If the players like the idea of such a competition, then the series will be launched.