MindForce Games

Correspondence сompetitions for every taste. Regular tournaments, special tournaments, honorary titles, tournaments for DDK players, a wall of fame, ladders. If you like to compete with other players, then join MindForce Games and show your strength!

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Our two first tournaments are waiting for the winners!



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So, the Wall of Fame is ready. There were a few more titles on it than I promised yesterday. Firstly, the title of Absolute Champion appeared, the most respected of all titles. Secondly, there was a section of exclusive titles. The name of the player who has won the exclusive title will remain on the Wall of Fame forever. Of course, exclusive titles will be played in tournaments about which will be informed in advance.

The first two tournaments for the titles of our Wall of Fame are already waiting for their players. It’s time to fight and do not hesitate!



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I invite ten brave players to compete in the tournament for the first exclusive title of the MindForce Games. The name of the winner will be immortalized on the Wall of Fame.


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I have not forgotten about those who like to play on a 13x13 board.



Sorry, but both tournaments reloaded. Links updated.

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An open tournament for all OGS players.


Group closed. Sorry.