Minimum ranking ignored on correspondence games

For the second time, I’ve had a correspondence game come up with a high handicap when I’ve set the minimum rank to 12k. It seems to work fine if I’m logged on and wait, but when I’ve left an open game listed, I’ve ended up with a 17k and a 19k starting games on me. I like giving traditional handicaps, but seven and nine stones are too heavy for ranked games (for me), I’d never do that on purpose. The first time, I thought maybe I’d messed up, but this time I know I was careful!

Hey Yukontodd,

can you provide a link to the games in question?


I do have a known bug where I’m using the wrong rank when allowing game acceptance instead of the speed based rank. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy with the holidays.


Sure! After realizing it wasn’t my fault, I just cancelled them:

They list within the proper range on My Games list, I guess it’s using the incorrect speed rank there too, like matburt mentioned.

My Game History page lists the rank for an incorrect speed as well, I just noticed.

Since it certainly wasn’t the fault of your opponent, it isn’t very polite to cancel without taking the time to add an explaining comment.

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Good point. I’ll send them a message.