"Misclick" in accepting removed stones?

I was playing a pretty new player and managed to come back from a pretty devastating misclick in a 9x9 game (to be fair, I was incredibly rude when I said “pwned”, happy that I won even though he didn’t accept my undo). Anyway, at the end, he kept on clicking to keep a black group alive that was clearly dead. I resumed and played it out a bit until we got to a very simple shape that I assumed he would know - three intersections with the middle filled in, but he was still keep his dead stones alive. I accidently clicked “accept removed stones” with the incorrect groups removed at one point and got a lost result. Is there anyway to change this? If not, it’s fine- one game is NBD. I’m mostly just curious, thanks! Here’s the game: http://online-go.com/game/674585

Hey GoRogue. The result of a game can not be changed at this moment. It is possible, though, to decide upon a game that is still going on.

It is also possible to restore lost rank points and credit them to you. I will look at your game and restore your lost points once I am home. :smiley:

It’s also important that if you have an obstinate user that you come to a moderator and we can help to resolve the situation or, in a worst case scenario, decide the game.


Hi Gorogue
If you were playing in a face to face tournament you would have lost if you played incorrectly at the end of the game. I think you should accept with a smile