the worst misclick is accidental right click. since BOTH mouse buttons play and it seems to me totally not a standard anywhere that both mouse buttons ever in any game do the same thing. i think right mouse button should not play a stone. only the default button as defined by the os.


Interesting. What would be your suggestion for right button then?

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you could copy board as image before


Could start a drag select of a part of the board until you release or a full copy (as image) if you just (right-)click.

below or nothing (or menu) like many programs do. generally the mouse buttons as i explain to my clients is left is “do” button and right is “what can i do” all in all there is nothing wrong with doing nothing at all.
this does not at all combat the other mouse problem which is not a programming issue but a physical issue i call “lazy finger” when the finger stupidly keeps pressing the button on it’s own (a bit of light humor here to a situation i bet many can relate to.)
ty for interest in the post! i did not know there where responces!

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In the meantime… If you’re getting a lot of misclicks, maybe try this setting?


FWIW I agree that it is simply a UI bug that right click plays a stone.

(I never even knew that it did, but it makes no sense for it to do so)