Missing topic on Forums

Yesterday I started a topic (1), but today I don’t see it anymore (2), although there has been some recent activity (3). If I search for it I can find it however (4).
I didn’t mute my topic (5).

Weird. Anyone who can explain this?
Is it a bug?






Edit this new topic also doesn’t show up on

It’s 7th from the top for me…?

Not at my screen:

That’s odd. I see your thread in my view of the latest threads and it’s even still there when viewing the forums from a logged out view, so it seems to be something specific to your account.

Do you have happen to have the entire “Forum Games” category muted? I think that would prevent those threads from showing up in your list of latest threads.


No i didn’t mute the complete forum. Wouldn’t know how and if that is uberhaupt possible.

Other topic of me are visible. Just the two I created yesterday and today are missing.

EDIT: Both are normal.

I don’t mean muting threads or the entire forum, but rather a category.

Click on this link: Forum Games - Online Go Forum

and check if the notification button in the top-right is set to muted?


A bit silly, but it was muted.
Thank you, my hero :joy: