Missing Undo requests in new version

I feel bad when I miss an Undo request and keep playing (normally). They’re just not very obvious to me in the new version. Even when someone mentions it in in-game chat, I don’t always notice.

I feel especially bad if it happens when the opponent is a new player.

So I hope it would not be too hard to do something like (for example:)

  • Maybe make the button change color for Undo request.
  • Maybe add a sound when Undo is requested.
  • Maybe add a blocking dialog with “accept/ignore” for those of us who
    can live with it.

And a couple other things that might be worth doing (or not:)

  • Maybe add a subtle sound for in-game chat messages (with option to
    disable it in settings.)
  • Maybe make it a Settings option to disable “block on Undo request” or

Any thoughts?

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I really like these ideas. An environment that enhances being friendly :smile:


I agree on pretty much all of these points, except for blocking dialogs for undo… got some jerks that come through sometimes that would abuse that I’m pretty sure :slight_smile: I’ll add the rest to the improvement todo list though.


Just to say that I do this quite often and I too feel bad about it.

I always apologise in the chat.

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