Mix-up when sharing computer

My son and myself are playing alternatively on my computer (This is using up to date safari on a mac book under catalina).
When switching we disconnect and reconnect under one’s own account.
Trouble is what he does under his own account is leaking into mine and vice versa.
For example :

  • dark vs bright mode (easy to spot)
  • configuration of last game created. If I do Create after switching from him, the game to be created is his last configuration, and each of us has to spend some times reconfiguring his preferred set up (time, minimum/maximum rank etc…).
    My guess this is because this is stored in a cookie which is independent of user name.


the settings are stored in the browser’s local storage, so each of you overwrites the settings of the other.

There are some options for you to consider

  • You could use different browsers. This has the added advantage, that you don’t have to log out and in when playing next to each other.
  • Most browsers allow you to use multiple profiles, but safari doesn’t seem to https://www.howtogeek.com/139705/how-to-use-multiple-browser-profiles-in-any-browser/, but

    The closest you can get is having several user accounts and using fast user switching to switch between them, as each user has their own Safari profile.


Yes i understand how to overcome this somehow, but this is not super convenient. It also means that if I change computer (or mobile), my preferred configuration does not follow me, while it could be bound to the account. More a feature request than a real bug.


Device specific storage of settings is intentional as many people like to have different settings on their phone than they have on their computer.

However, it seems a reasonable request that two users could share a browser without the settings bleeding over… I don’t know much about cookie storage but I wonder if it could be possible to add user identifiers into the cookie?

Since just using two different browsers is such an easy work around, unfortunately I don’t see this problem making it to the top of our dev’s to-do pile… but it is an interesting question.

Would a quick work around be to use Safari for one user, and another browser for another user?

Lol… I recently migrated to Brave.


using two different browsers

but then one of you can’t use Firefox



Same. :slight_smile:

SeemsGood :+1:


Speaking of Brave…
I see this message near my tip option for online-go “This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave Users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they complete this process. Learn more.

Just sayin’ you guys might have a little slush fund goin’… Granted… In BAT… quick tip I learned when/if you guys do set up to receive change your monetary unit to BAT just in case they try to automatically convert it to USD or something. After I set my account up it no joke took a full month to verify. But, now it does seem like it’s all working, and just accruing BAT from when I view Adverts. I’m sure there are a few other users that have auto contributed to OGS, though.

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Brave, huh? I might look into that. Let’s not derail this poor fellow’s thread though.


Both can. Firefox can use multiple profiles. Also container could work.

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Just seconding flovo’s comment that you should use different profiles.

Chrome supports that as well. I use it for work browsing and home browsing (different profiles) for example.

You also need to be aware that while this “ought to be OK” (two people in the same household using the same computer) it becomes very difficult for us to tell the difference between this and one person cheating.

You should definitely PM a moderator to let us know which accounts are involved, so we can be aware up front and consider with you any advice for managing the situation.

You also need to make sure you are aware of the assistance rules for ranked play: a person is not allowed to receive any outside assistance for ranked play. This applies to you “teaching” your son, FYI. We have had people be surprised by that in the past (though I’m not clear why it is surprising, but that is just me).


Hi, I’m aware of the different tricks to overcome this, it is just a bit inconvenient.
Btw, just after posting I noticed the warning it is preferable to post GitHub report, which I did https://github.com/online-go/online-go.com/issues/1080 on this issue (and 1081 on sthg completely different).
Thanks for the feedback