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The new schedule of tournaments of Monkey Go Games is designed for the whole year and includes more than 140 different tournaments for every taste. The schedule will begin on February 1, 2019. Until that time, I want to introduce you to another innovation - “by filling” tournament system.
Tournaments of this system are easily recognizable by the BF abbreviation in the name of the tournament. They differ from standard tournaments by a smaller number of places for participants, by a longer term for recruiting participants, and by the possibility of automatic start of a tournament after filling all places for participants. The subsequent tournament of any branch of the BF tournament opens for participants only after the start of the previous one. So do not waste time and invite your friends to the first BF tournaments.

Have a nice game!





As I said earlier, our tournament schedule has started working today. Welcome to the first fights for places on our Wall of Glory!








Hi @MonkeyGO , care to share your secret with us?

Nobody seems to be able to post more than twice in a row on the same thread, except for you. Though I can certainly see the potential for abuse, this is very useful for announcement threads where there are hardly any responses—Title Tournaments come to mind.

Anyway, I’m really curious as to how this can be accomplished. Still, I haven’t figured it out.


@Leira, I am really don’t know, what to say. I never thought about it before. I created this topic, maybe that’s why I can post several times in a row here. This is the only explanation I can suggest.







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