More Correspondence tournaments please!

I love that there are now site generated correspondence tournaments, but I am rarely able to get into any of them! I have yet to be able to join a 19x19 tournament, even when they have five or more hours left to start, they are already full. There should be more! Or a way for me to join further in advance!


I concur!!

Maybe multiple ones…with rank restrictions.

30k-15k, 15k-1k, 1dan+


We’ll have a lot more tournaments coming up very soon… I’ve situated the short-term tournaments: hourly live and blitz and daily correspondence. I’m working on the best setup for weekly and monthly fast and slow tournaments now.

There might also be some bigger tournaments in the pipeline… stay tuned, you’ll hear more about it really soon!


sounds great :slight_smile: !

There are 25 open correspondence tournaments right now. Why not join one of them?

i joined all tournaments > 10 players. Still, many will start in the future. So I’ve joined these but still (similar to Uranus) have the desire for more.

I want the trophy :slight_smile: