More integration of the forum

I like to spend my time on the forum mainly. The thing is while i am here i am not on OGS. I mean people in the chat think i am not here, or my opponents in running games…

I know the forum is just some discourse injected in the site. I just feel armful it is so a separate world from the other features of OGS.

When being here it would be great to have notifications (games moves…) to know friends online, to keep in check AST …

To stop that feeling that i have to go to another world, cellar or cave, isolate myself in some confessional.


While I agree with you the user experience would be better, the amount of work to build and maintain a native forum would not likely be worth it for the developers.


They could just send notification to private message of forum with link to site.
“you have incoming game request on main site”
“you have new message on main site”

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Does it have to be native? Can it be just adding some OGS features around?

Native would be the excellence ofc.

A quick look at the Lichess forum is a good reminder of how awesome Discourse is :innocent:

I agree that the separation is not ideal, I spend much more time here than on the main site, so on the rare occasion I get a PM on the main site it takes me a long time to notice.

At the moment I can’t imagine any easy solution which wouldn’t create more problems than it solves… would obviously be happy to be proved wrong though!


I attempted to integrate the forum with OJE, but it doesn’t work properly because there appear to be some defenses in discourse against automated submissions.

That’s why only some comments made in OJE get cross-posted here.

If anyone is interested to help debug that, or knows something about how it is supposed to work, I’d love help. The OJE server is open source.


Is it possible to add the OGS site header above the forum header? It won’t show PM but it does show group chat and game invite notifications.


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