Most Annoying Thing About Playing on OGS?

What’s the most annoying bug or design flaw on OGS to you, personally. What is it that makes you think, “maybe I’ll stop playing here for a while until they fix that”? and almost follow through … or what has made you follow through? What is the number one issue that, suddenly being fixed and/or changed for the better, would make you tear up and regain faith in our benevolent creators? What’s holding you back from making that monthly pledge to help support OGS and its creators?

NO PERSONAL ATTACKS! It’s about bugs and design issues, not an admin or social policy you butt heads with.

Limit ONE ANSWER PER PERSON! Just one thing. Focus now…


I really have an issue with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

<jk> nice idea, IMO, to ask this way — I suspect, though, that the latter ones, the ones who followed that through, probably won’t read you here.

I wrote something about fixing the top three buggy things in a tweet earlier … then I thought, well, it’s probably hard to say what those would be, though I might have my own clear ideas about it … So I thought I’d butt heads about it over here. Hope that doesn’t make me an asshat.:slight_smile:


Sounds like a good idea to me. I’m not on Twitter, so I would not have seen that request.

I miss the Kuksu Tournament, but I don’t expect that to be fixed.

Only one…that’s really hard. Nothing is really in the “I’m leaving” level of annoyance for me.

OK…I’ll go with not knowing what my time remaining is when the game is Paused, it is the Weekend, or my opponent is on Vacation.


Really, this is a pretty soundly designed place with a nice community. Can’t think of too much that bugs me about it.

Well, save the need every month or two to completely delete all the cookies on my computer, since the “create game” function randomly messes up, but even that hasn’t happened in a long time, so yeah. Keep on keepin’ on.


I can’t think of anything that’s made me want to leave, but there is one annoying thing I’ve encountered. See, I play on tablet and usually that works pretty well, but sometimes, seemingly for no reason at all, a stone I placed is put in some other random location, usually along the edge. I don’t know if it’s just my tablet or an actual problem with the site, but I felt it was at least worth mentioning.


didn’t think about leaving - it’s a good place
but actually stopped playing from my telephone, because the wrong stone placement bug annoys me too much


There’s nothing about this site’s features that annoys me. Maybe I need to try harder? :slight_smile:


that is a well known problem. I think it’s proving hard for the developers to track down. It is my #1 annoying thing.


PMs interfere with my chatting when I’m on a game. I guess this is a broader issue though, of things appearing in an uncomfortable position, usually falling on top of other things and blocking their view or making them inaccessible unless you close them (closing them is not always a reasonable option).

For example, in the chat, global announcements block the number of online players and quite possibly also the first player on the list; PMs, even when minimized block the chat text box during games, and they block the last player of the list in the main chat; the search thingy blocks the entire right side of the frame but there’s no direct obvious way of closing it (press Esc or click on the outside); clicking on the last player in the chat list makes their info appear outside of the window (need to scroll down even further, messing the layout).

None of that is nearly annoying enough to leave the site, or a reason to refrain from supporting (not having the money is), but it’s still a pet peeve.


A feature that marked which puzzles I had solved, attempted, and never looked at would be so huge to me. The lack of such a feature (I actually haven’t checked in a while to see if this is still the case), means that I don’t use the puzzles section as much as I should. When I was trying to use it I found it a real to pain to manually record which puzzles I had done in which library.

This is so petty and lazy sounding, haha! But it’s the truth.


gohiontach: it’s OT, but GoChild has great problem sets that can be flagged and filtered for revisiting

That website looks great! Unfortunately, it seems like you have to sign in through google to access it, which is something I have pretty strong negative feelings about. Maybe I’ll try to put in a feature request with them that they have other options for using their website! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got really annoyed when I’d submit a move to OGS and it would randomly move my stone to the wall after I click submit. I got really frustrated. I stopped playing on mobile for the longest time.


(: the lack of group-private games and group-private open game challenges

Too heavy for ipad, i can’t open any page that shows all my ongoing games

If you switch to list view in your settings it helps that @KoBa

Ladder time controls are the absolutely most annoying thing about OGS!

Over the last year I have found that the server where you play your ladder games get the most attention and as a consequence OGS has ceased to be my primary go-server. Still enjoy the friendly and supporting atmosphere and will continue to play games here whenever I can!

Many thanks to Gamesorry for keeping up the OGS Title Tournaments with the original time controls (7 d max). Very much appreciated!


heh, that would erase my problem, but it would also erase the reason to open those pages xD @crodgers

The iPad bug.