Most Popular Go YouTube Channels

Seems like you found all my old favorites at once bugcat :smiley:

Longstride vs Starstorm3 (Joshua Lee, the other channel linked above):

Longstride vs some random guy named Anton:


Sorry, I haven’t updated the subscriber counts in a while. Feel free to change anything if it’s out of date.

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Panda games, 2012-17

A curious mix of videos from 2007-10

Long-time channel, 2012-20

2011-12. Suffice to say the AGA’s youtuber list hasn’t been updated for a decade.

Lectures and real-board games from 14 years ago to the present.


Way back in there is an old review (2007) of Guo Juan 5p of a game of mine:

Part 1
Part 2

Nostalgia! :heart:


apparently WBaduk’s channel

Two Taiwanese channels (with thanks to Farodin’s post on L19).

At the time of writing, the first has 12.3k subs and the second has 14.2k.

Channel devoted to the “First International Go Symposium … held as part of the 2012 US Go Congress in Black Mountain, North Carolina on August 4th and 5th, 2012 as a venue for scholarly exchange on cultural and technological aspects of Go.”

I’ve started a Go channel as well here where I play people 5k-6d(on fox, beginning to play on OGS as well) and provide full length reviews and will also review user requests games. Check it out:


Apparently high dans like this channel since it shows them new moves.

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