Mousewheel to navigate moves in games

On lichess, it’s very handy to scroll through moves using the mousewheel when reviewing a game. Would it be possible to have that feature added here as well? It sure beats having to click click click click click :slight_smile:


This thread here was onto something back in 2018: Suggestion: Using mouse scroll to navigate between moves.

It’s a pity it didn’t get traction! But don’t worry, @Keep_Strong_Ukraine, hopefully this time our request will get the attention it deserves!

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I like the idea a lot. It’s difficult to quickly cycle through moves other than skipping ten moves in either direction; it would be nice to have a little more control.

It might sound silly to people who haven’t developed any type of repetitive strain injury, but any little thing like this scrolling idea that could prevent more rapid and repetitive clicking can be really helpful in injury prevention


Only if its an option, as clumsy touchpad user i really hate how game tree on kgs moves “at random” when im just moving my cursor up and down over the board >___>

Just my 2 cents



Realistically speaking a “small” feature improvement like this is not super likely to become a top priority for our developer any time soon, but it is a front-end issue only - so anyone with some coding experience who is passionate about the idea can make it happen. · GitHub - This part of OGS is completely open source


First off, I like this idea!

As with anything, I think the question is “does someone have the bandwidth to implement it?” The good news is this is definitely a client-side feature, and since the client is open-source, anyone with programming skills can try implementing this, and I imagine the pull request would be approved given the support in the forums.

Here’s a tutorial for reacting to scroll in React: Handle the onScroll event in React (with examples) | bobbyhadz

And also I can point to the callbacks for the navigation buttons: at c953e6daad3f131d11dda989ae750e2fef45ed0a · online-go/ · GitHub

I won’t lie - Game.tsx can be a beast to untangle, but hey who doesnt like a challenge every now and then :joy: I am happy to try to answer any questions.


Those resources look helpful! I’ll try invoking the sage @mirthturtle for this, since I know nothing about coding. :slight_smile: