Move "Support OGS" to somewhere obvious

Today, we all know that OGS will have a new pricing plan next month. People or new-comers (often) could not find where to support OGS, even if they want to. It’s also an issue for me when I first used it.

So, I would like to propose to move “Support OGS” to somewhere obvious, or to replace “personal profile” (red block) with it (golden circle) since people can click their avatars to visit their profiles.


I agree some things are not easy to find for beginners, and it would be better to have it in the top bar.

Apart from “Support OGS”, I think we would also need to add a search bar. Standard web design locates the search bar in the top right, but on OGS it’s hidden in a menu on the left.

However there is a limit to that, as the top bar is already long. You seem to have a large screen, but for example I didn’t even know that “Personal Profile” was there because my laptop screen stops at “Forum”. I suspect I’m not the only one, so adding more things in the top bar won’t be much help if people can’t see them.

A solution could be to remove some other things which I find are not as useful and clutter the top bar. Do we really need “Ladder” or “Leaderboard” there? Even “Tournaments” I find debatable.


Certainly it seems to me that we could swap out leaderboard for support ogs for an easy win!


Yeah I agree. I can submit a PR on GitHub if it’s preferred.


leaderboard is surely the one I never use.

my profile? The one I use most.

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Remodel the top bar? Some suggestions (that may or may not complicate the site more than necessary and can be ignored) :

The menu already has all the things the top bar has and more.

The profile button on the top bar could be moved to the profile image dropdown and be accessed by either clicking on the image or on your username in the dropdown, (that would take you directly to your profile without having to click on the card that pops up).

Things on the top bar could become groups with drop-bars or something similar (would free up some space for other things in the top bar but would also require you to do more clicking).

The search bar function could become a hourglass that expands when clicked on and could therefor be in a corner.

I repeat, it’s only suggestions that can be ignored if they make the site more complicated than necessary

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An easy usability win is to replace the text ‘Search’ in the search box with ‘Search users and groups’.


I think it may be helpful indeed.

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And tournaments and…?

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